The Joyful Mysteries

The Word comes to birth where there is a believing heart

What is the difference between the question Zechariah asks and the question Mary asks? He says 'how can I know this, for I am an old man and my wife is advanced in years' (Lk 1:18). She says 'how shall this be, since I have no husband' (Lk 1:34). It can be difficult enough to see why he is criticized (and, it seems, punished) while Mary is praised. We might feel a bit sorry for him, an old man understandably confused by a strange encounter.

The angel Gabriel tells us that Zechariah did not believe while Elizabeth tells us that Mary believed.


L’ aujourd’hui de Noël

Hier nous avons entendu le début de l’Évangile de saint Matthieu. Dans la table des ancêtres de Jésus, Matthieu descend jusqu’à Abraham. Le début de l’Évangile de Jean que nous venons d’entendre, descend encore plus loin : il va jusqu’au commencement.

Mary as the model of obedience

What we celebrate today is Mary’s unconditional ‘Yes’ to the plan of God the Father, to use her as a vessel of bringing salvation to humanity. This wholly detached obedience to God is Mary’s sacrifice to God which makes her favorable to God and makes all generations to call her blessed. She receives Gabriel’s announcement with wonder but not with the least doubt either in intention or the power of God.


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