The Promoter's editorial

Jubilee?... Let us jubilate!

On November 7, everywhere in the world, the Order of Dominicans will open the jubilee of its 800 years.

This anniversary will be the occasion to recall the intuitions of Our Father, Saint Dominic and to give thanks for the many graces that God has lavished on the Order of Preachers. We will remember this, certainly, but not that only!


All, promoters of the Rosary!

It has been a long time since an editorial was placed on our site… Had the promoter gone to sleep? Certainly not. But, as is the case everywhere, days have only 24 hours, and, despite a slightly less hectic rhythm, wait until July to again get in touch with you!

The site Rosarium has existed for a little over two years. It is not much, but still, it is possible to assess the journey so far, especially since last June we passed the 50,000 individual visits since the launch!



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