"Do not be afraid to love, as you follow Jesus"

Editorial - May 2016 - No 409

Theme of the year 2015-2016:
"Remain in my love" Jn15: 9


On the five continents, men, women and children are forced to leave their land.
They have nothing left... They have been looted, persecuted, tortured; they are starving, and are humiliated to be homeless and destitute. Their distress is so great... and the barriers they bump against cannot be overcome.
What can they do? Uprooted, they choose to go to an unknown place that can still be fit for living.
So here is a question for us, Christians and people of good will: how can we help them materially, morally and spiritually?
How do we heal their wounds caused by despair? Let us be creative in our initiatives, and make use of our talents and our own possibilities. This is no need to compare each other in the support we give to the disadvantaged and excluded... our help can take the form of a smile, a handshake, and a sympathetic ear, service, or a prayer, an alm, a roof; we could also welcome a family of immigrants in a parish or in a religious brotherhood... etc

Remember what Jesus said: "Whatever you do to the least of my brethren, it is to me that you do it" (Matt. 25: 40). Let us also remember that the stranger, the poor, migrants, just like ourselves, are brothers, sisters, and friends of Jesus Christ!
It is in the personal encounter with Christ that the Christian discovers the source of the evangelizing action and of a communicative and comforting joy. (Pope Francis)

We need to build together a path for humanity by working to create a universal solidarity. The globalization of finance destroys some of us; the violence between people causes chaos while a spirit of friendship and of sweetness brings peace. Only when each person’s dignity is restored can we build a world of brotherhood which is fit for living. Then fear and suspicion will vanish from the hearts of the strangers leaving place to trust in the others.
Let us follow our Friend Jesus and Mary our Mother who shows us the way to her Son...
In this month of May, let us pray the Mysteries of the Rosary to spread love in the world.


Thérèse Turlan Delannoy
International Coordinator

Editorial - September 2016 - No 412


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