Baptism at the Jordan

This is my beloved son, a voice from the sky
starts off the much-awaited fulfilment,
the law sheaths inner holiness
it is time for the forerunner to pass on the baton

for a greater manifestation
of the divine spirit.
This is the long-awaited Messiah. Do not collect the earth’s ephemeral things,
sharpern the soul’s eye

and open the door to the heart; rivers
of grace are pouring from his lips,


Transfiguration on Mount Tabor

Shining lights, the power
of the Reign descends on the mountain, “This
is my son, listen to him”.
I am on the mountain

where the fathers heard me, though the time was not mature then

for the new law. Now
learn that God’s power
comes with a weakness of tender
love, look for me
on the worldly roads, among the lost ones and you will revive the glory
coming from the father. I am with you till the consummation of time;


Annunciation (2)

Breaking the body’s sphere, the abyss leads on
and the legacy of evil gives birth to Light,
the angel is summoned to the fertile cell
and shylessly secunds the joy.

There are no caresses on rhat royal breast,
only prayers rising like incense.
And God understands the plea
and gives away death-crushing life , which


Holy Communion

“O sacrum convivium in quo Christus sumitur”,
in the angels repeat in celebration, in the
of God’s small flock.
Not mine, but Yours
the will to be fulfilled; sinner,
receive the gift of repentance and spread my message
all over the world. Rivers of living water will spring from you!
My blood pays off the guilts, receive the sweetness
of my mercy; remember me, you traveller,
I am the only thing worth of your heart.



Annunciation of God’s Kingdom

Vox clamantis in eremo,
open the doors
of Justice,
no, I am not guilty,
I am listening to the mujaidin’s voice; search
further on and you will find. The light is shining on Palestine
and the axe-hewn rocks in the desert
sketch the strategy of the Word. The waters
and the winds are ready to take the Word;
will you, stranger,
become a citizen of the Kingdom? The mute
hearts preserve life, then the message
spreads to cities and delights the senses,
but after all



Hail Queen of the hearts, Mother of God,

in the hour of anguish we longed
for your sigh, and now in you we are looking for
the reason for our living. Your sovereignty
passes through our time when we refuse
the paroxysm of contingency and the easy

trends. Be friendly to our king and us all:
though away from perfection we are thirsty
of the justice that Christ brought into the world

and that now is being trampled on


Journey to Calvary

Jesus falls worn out, his
only mission is to suffer for the others,
the charge increases as Passion
continues, and it’s more and more unutterabile suffering,
as if to wash away the sin of all time. The fool

is now challenging God, wise but rejected
shepherd; the world can’t change,
God must succumb and from now on
he’ll have to change the world from the inside, taking it

in the vortex of his own light and endless love.


The Crowning with Thorns

The fools again against the King of Kings:

“What is this kingdom you were talking about
when a free man,
a kingdom based on poverty
and being eunuchs, submitting to offence
and giving with no guarantee
nor obligation to repay? Now
take this cane,
you fool, as worth
as the fume of your words. Now take
this crown of stinging thorns
so that no-one may say anything.



The Visitation

The road to knowledge is hard and steep, but
the priority is in the life becoming charity and active love;
the magical embrace only reveals a shared
mission, much more that stating I am here.
The joy lies after the labour, and it’s buried and sublimed
by arcane effort; emotions and thoughts
on the way to Ain Karim: rejoice with me, Universe;
since in my lap I hold the Saviour of the world, who can repay me
for such a life, even if Love should be a defeat?
Tell me, endless vibration in the heart, whether my bosom


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