Descent of the Holy Ghost

The preaching came down aloud and strong
on white heads washed by death’s interruption,
and white gowns welcomed the blueness
of the sky, which wants to come down and impregnate
an invincible hope. The world’s madness
was disappearing and the reason of a salvation plan
was speaking aloud. Peoples of every race
drank the healthy fire and the earth, made pregnant
by the blood, slowly learnt a new atmosphere;
but the beast didn’t cease to wage war on
God’s servant, so they will be utterly worn out



En Marie, l’Esprit Saint, dès l’annonce de l’Ange,
S’était manifesté : le Verbe se fit chair ;
Et par ce même esprit jaillit une louange :
Les langues des nations s’élèvent dans les airs.

Le souffle qui planait dès le commencement
Vers Elie murmura d’une voix de silence ;
Mais à présent l’Esprit, vigoureux bruissement,
Insuffle à toute chair la vie en abondance.



Now you are a Presence
and sadness macerates us, while your face is absent,
but you comfort us as a celestial being
free from the chains of the trial
and we are lost in a sterile aggression, paying and sucking us in;
in the end we miss wise
words; the eternal is in time, though
not diluted in history; paradigms with ancient roots
happen one after another,
the sky can’t forget it was perfection,

and then dissolution for the sons’ bread.



Jésus, le Crucifié, par Dieu ressuscité,
Donne Aujourd’hui la vie en abondance ;
La mort, vaincue, se tait devant l’Eternité,
Et le deuil est changé en une danse.

Sur le bois immolé, aujourd’hui glorifié,
Jésus est devenu l’insaisissable ;
Par sa Résurrection le monde est sanctifié,
Et traversé l’abîme infranchissable.



Magdalene cannot see Jesus on his tomb,
the Resurrected appears and the world-reviving
hope can start: the good was to believe
in preaching, the evil to refuse it. Further on
in history the words will lose vitality
and heat, and will surrender to
the things’ reality, but death
by now dares life awaiting it
in its terrible coming.
The resurrection recalls
the cross forever.

The author of this poem (in Italian)


Blessing of Beads

While you may ask a priest to give this blessing to your beads, you may also use it yourself at any time, as it highlights some significant elements in the Rosary.

God, Our Father, may the circle of these beads
be a sign of our coming together in the Body of Christ:
make us one in the circle of your love.

May the crucifix be a reminder of Jesus,
praying in the midst of us,
and presenting his glorious wounds,
on our behalf, before your face.
In union with him we cry: Father. . .


The Presence of Jesus at the Cana Wedding

Come all the peoples to the banquet of the New Deal,
my mystic wine is more sober than sobriety itself:
messianic inebriation, it is called,
the royal road to the cross. Don’t be scared
in front of me, I am the Life, the pure truth,
I teach what I learnt from my father
about the essence of life, being born and dying,
about your bodies to be made divine: he who follows me
shall have the light of life and shall work miracles
unseen before. The Forefathers used to drink


Lost and Found at the Temple

The maturity of faith requires time;
there the parents did not understand, nor was it possible
to fully understand the transcendent mystery.
There the Gospel is intelligence discovering the meaning of the Spirit.

The roads of knowledge depart
only to rejoin in time’s trajectory, towards history’s fulfilment,
in their lap a new light maybe already in that temple,
where the word becomes the light of eternal life, in the circle of the Infinite One.



The Nativity (2)

Night harmony in the hut at Bethlehem,
rejoice you shepherds and you pure at heart; the star is announcing
a Baby appointed by the great Book of Life
to a prodigious future, the son of castaways has chosen the lost ones.

He will advise the just not to boast. Remembering
how weak and poor he had been, he will claim his Father
has summoned him to present the poor at heart and the young
with the mysteries of the Kingdom: fecundity of being worthless



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