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All, promoters of the Rosary!

It has been a long time since an editorial was placed on our site… Had the promoter gone to sleep? Certainly not. But, as is the case everywhere, days have only 24 hours, and, despite a slightly less hectic rhythm, wait until July to again get in touch with you!

The site Rosarium has existed for a little over two years. It is not much, but still, it is possible to assess the journey so far, especially since last June we passed the 50,000 individual visits since the launch!


“Pray the Rosary daily”

On that 13th of May 1917, the beautiful Lady dressed in white, dazzling with light, brighter than the sun, who appears to three children, is adamant: she asks them to pray the rosary daily “for peace in the world and an end to the war.”

We are then in 1917, Europe is engulfed in this terrible conflict which will be known as The First World War and victims are numbered in the millions.

It is urgent then to pray for an end to this terrible conflict, to take up the beads to recite this prayer for peace and which gives peace to those who pray it.


Let us look to the East!

We are now in Advent: a few weeks, a few days separate us from the beautiful feast of Christmas. A few weeks when we need to re-learn how to prepare our heart for the arrival of the One who comes, light in the midst of our nights, when we must be on our way to Bethlehem.

It is Advent, a propitious moment to the meditation of the first three joyful Mysteries of the Rosary.


A Rosary for the new Master of the Order!

Every three years, representatives of all the Dominican brothers from around the world gather in a General Chapter to sketch in outline the activities which will animate the Order of Preachers in its entirety.

Every nine years, a special General Chapter is celebrated. It is called the Elective Chapter as it has the role of nominating a new Master of the Order.


July and August... a spiritual desert?

Admittedly, it is not summer all over the world, but the months of July and August are often an opportunity for many of us to take some vacation, a day of rest here and there.

In any case, we change pace and we often need to after a year of school, University or busy professional life.

This change of pace obviously has an impact on our spiritual life.

Many people take advantage of this time to recharge, to embark on pilgrimage paths (especially in this year of James!), to undertake a retreat, alone or with the family.


13 May 2009 – 13 May 2010: one year!

Your site Rosarium is just one year old!

It was on the feast of Our Lady of Fatima that it was launched last year. Since then, we’ve traveled a long way!

A French proverb says that “when we love, we do not count…” And yet, an anniversary is often the occasion to take stock, to review the past year before starting the coming year full of zest.
Over 10,000 visitors have joined us and there will be more!...


Resurrexit, sicut dixit. Alleluia!

They are finished the days of the Passion is what we heard at the solemn benediction at the Easter Mass!

Here is a new reason to reach for our Rosary beads to give thanks all along this Pascal season.

Through the meditation of the glorious Mysteries

Let us enter into the joy of the Resurrection!

Let us allow ourselves to be drawn after the Lord in his Ascension!

Let us use the words whispered to us by the Spirit of Pentecost to rejoice in our Church!


The Rosary… A prayer for Lent

Here we are in Lent, those few weeks which separate us from the great celebration of the Resurrection of the Lord. This time when we are invited to reconnect with fasting, prayer and alms giving. Forty days of being watchful when the Lord wants to find us attentive.

And He invites us to follow him into the desert !

Into the desert, we will not go emptyhanded. We will take our rosary beads. It is a prayer which suits well, both the desert and Lent !


A Holy Year …. with Mary!

At the start of the year, if there is a custom which we all follow, it is the exchange of greetings. We will not create an exception to the rule.

May this year 2010 be lived by each of us as a Holy Year... with Mary.

May the child she gives us in Bethlehem illuminate each of our days! May he bring peace to our world which needs it so much!

Lately, we have had years dedicated to one or other aspect of our faith, to give a particular boost to our christian life, to help us discover this or that facet.


Le chapelet des saints

Au tout début du mois de novembre, nous fêtons la solennité de Tous les Saints. Et, le lendemain, la journée est consacrée à la prière pour les fidèles défunts.

Dans l’Ordre des Prêcheurs, une semaine après, nous fêtons tous les Saints dominicains et, le lendemain, tous les défunts de l’Ordre.

Pourquoi tant insister sur les défunts… et les saints ?



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